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parent 5270f328
......@@ -109,11 +109,8 @@ def main():
print("Input Image List", X_img_list)
print("Input Image List shape:", np.shape(X_img_list))
print("GT Image List", GT_img_list)
print("GT Image List shape:", np.shape(GT_img_list))
print("True Segmentation Image List", ytrue_img_list)
print("True Segmentation Image List shape:", np.shape(ytrue_img_list))
img_savepath = file_path + "imgresults/"
......@@ -144,6 +141,12 @@ def main():
GT_img_npys = np.load(img_path + GT_img_list[j])
ytrue_img_npys = np.load(img_path + ytrue_img_list[j])
print("Input shape: ", np.shape(X_img_npys))
print("GT shape: ", np.shape(GT_img_npys))
print("True Segm shape: ", np.shape(ytrue_img_npys))
X_img_npys = transform.resize(X_img_npys, (X_img_npys.shape[0], newSize[0], newSize[1]), order=0,
preserve_range=True, mode='constant', anti_aliasing=False,
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